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Much of my poetry is about nature. Many poems were written while living beside a wetland lake in a heron sanctuary near the Wisconsin/ Illinois border. For four years, I lived in the mountains of the Republic of Panamá. My books Émigré: Poems from Another Land and Mercury & Moonlight greatly reflect that life. 

Love enters my poems through front doors, back doors, windows, and cracks in the floorboards. For love is, after all, the beating heart of poetry, the nucleus of the poetic atom. 

The past is also a recurrent theme in my work. All of my books spend time reflecting upon pastness in the many shades that it drenches the present.

I write letters and dreams in poetic fashion. I write love letters to the dead. I write letters to poets I have read. I put down in strange words the curious dreams that I recall.

Recently, I wrote a series of poems about my experience in Vietnam. Those are collected in my book, War, but one or two appear in other books. 

Somewhere along the way, I began writing poems that continued the correspondence of Griffin & Sabine, an epistolary novel trilogy from the 1990s. Instead of being separated by continents, now they are on different planets or solar systems. Griffin & Sabine poems are sprinkled lightly through my books.

You don't have to be a literary scholar to appreciate my poetry. Each poem tells a story. Most of my poems should resonate with most readers.

Interview and Poem Montage

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