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The Speed of Sweat


Beyond Nature Poetry!

Fletcher's work is often about nature but here he speaks out on politics, history, religion, and ecology in a collection of eclectic musings. He writes of discovering an arrowhead and of discovering patience. Of stretched friendships and lost loves. Of unity and division, JFK and FDR, of November 3 and January 6, and about reading and writing poetry. 


Poetry: from Panamá to Pigalle to Pluto.

Filled with emotional candor and lyrical beauty. 

Fletcher writes about love ... against a cosmic panorama

Turning life into poetry

A penetrating and provocative smorgasbord. His poems sing and inform in thoughtful,

non-conforming, wonderful ways. Life's harmonies coupled with a realistic sprinkling

of irony and brilliant dissonance. An existential celebration of life. 

A linguistic movie!