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Family, Art, & Humor Poetry!

Poems for every reader. Bibliophile has three sections 

  • The Tie that Binds - poems about Family

  • A Thousand Words - poetry about art, especially painting 

  • Flights of Fancy - lighter verse, humorous poems.


What does Fletcher have to say to his dead grandfather? Who was the homeless man at his father's funeral? Look at God and the Lava Man on a Rainy Night Uptown. Journey to Easter Island, take a spin in the Mars rover. Learn about time crystals and shooting stars.

  • Made me catch my breath. I haven’t let it go.

  • Beautifully written!

  • Poet-Laureate-caliber work.

  • Masterfully woven.

  • Absolute joy to read … rich and expansive.

  • Imaginative, witty, and honest. Fletcher makes me want to read poetry again.


Poetry: from Panamá to Pigalle to Pluto.

Filled with emotional candor and lyrical beauty. 

Fletcher writes about love ... against a cosmic panorama

Turning life into poetry

A penetrating and provocative smorgasbord. His poems sing and inform in thoughtful,

non-conforming, wonderful ways. Life's harmonies coupled with a realistic sprinkling

of irony and brilliant dissonance. An existential celebration of life. 

A linguistic movie!

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