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The Color of Gods

ISBN-13: 979-8879837032 (hardcover), 979-8878915847 (paperback)

Poems about poems, narrative poems, poems filled with whimsy. A little politics, a bit of science, and a touch of philosophy. Fletcher's mind sails the gamut of possibilities in this remarkable collection.

  • Wildly imagined. Virtuoso poetry.

  • Fabulous. Perfect blending of narrative, language, and rhythm that is hard to achieve. [Fletcher] pulls it off brilliantly.

  • Amazing poetry, full of surprises.

  • Fine writing, acutely observed and conveyed.

  • A tour de force

  • Both funny and profound

  • There's much to think about within Fletcher's poetry, and a few chuckles along the way. Enjoy the ride.

Poetry: from Panamá to Pigalle to Pluto.

Filled with emotional candor and lyrical beauty. 

Fletcher writes about love ... against a cosmic panorama

Turning life into poetry

A penetrating and provocative smorgasbord. His poems sing and inform in thoughtful,

non-conforming, wonderful ways. Life's harmonies coupled with a realistic sprinkling

of irony and brilliant dissonance. An existential celebration of life. 

A linguistic movie!

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